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What is a Growler?

A Growler is jug, traditionally made of glass, that holds a half gallon (4 pints worth) of whatever beverage you choose, but in our case usually fresh craft brews. A growlette is half a growler, so it holds a quarter gallon (2 pints worth).
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Growler to Pint Comparison.

What is Growl Movement?

We are a business dedicated to providing the freshest craft beer, hard cider, root beer, and kombucha teas you can get. With a large selection of constantly rotating taps, we can bring in a wide variety of choices, limited releases, and new brews altogether under one roof. Never has there been a business like us!

Why use a Growler?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Since growlers are made of glass or stainless steel, they can be reused over and over again. They just need a little wash in between fills and they can essentially be used forever. No more 5 cent deposits here! Since growlers can be reused unlike regular cans and bottles, we are doing our part by preventing more and more waste in landfills. All of this combined is where our slogan came from. FILL.DRINK.REPEAT.®

Can't I just buy this beer at the store?

The majority of the brews we sell can't just be bought in a 6 pack at your local grocery store. The only place you will be able to buy these brews for home consumption is at the brewery, where it was made, or Growl Movement. Plus, who knows how long that beer has been sitting on the shelf at the store.

How often does your large tap selection rotate?

As soon as our fans drink and empty the kegs. Tell your friends! The faster the brews are sold, the faster the keg selection will change!

How long will a filled growler/growlette last?

Once the growler is filled to the top and capped, it can last a week and maybe more. After being opened, it is wise to finish it within a couple days, otherwise you risk it going flat.

Square Up Point of Sale Purchasing.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Basically anything you are willing to part with. Well, maybe to clarify a bit, we take cash, check, and any form of major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).

Keizer & South Salem, Oregon
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